Twitter Account Is Called ‘Why You Should Have A Cat’ And Here’re 20 Photos Of Reasons Why

Having a cat has ups and downs for sure. Diseases, litter box, cat food, toys, scratch posts, and huge quality time are what you are gonna deal with. But those drawbacks don’t matter at all if you put love into your cat. No matter how naughty they are, once you love them, you would never trade them for the world!

The Twitter account ‘Why you should have a cat’ describes itself as “the perfect account to show to your parents when you want a cat,” and it’s sharing a lot of the most adorable moments of kitties, indicates that cats deserve to have your love and we do deserve to adopt a cat.

Scroll down and see if it’s convincing enough to have a cat.

Pure love!

Sweet moment

Trapped by cuteness…

It’s like they’re holding hand

The best kind of soulmates

Smiling cat

Best moment

Spying together

Who can resist this sweet cat?

Four hearts kitty. One on the inside…

Fuzzy elephant feet

The cuteness overload

If I fits, I sits

Face smash

The world revolves around cat

“What do you mean I’m pregnant? How did that happen?”

Cutest crime scene ever

Cats defy the laws of gravity

Anime character

Today is too cold to go out

Cats are love

Best friend

“Shhh… I’m pretending to be a scarf!”

After a cappuccino

“Don’t talk to me!”

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