Stray Kitten Shows Up At Door And Demands To Be Adopted

We have heard a lot about stray cats and here is one of the stories that we want to share with you today. A heartwarming story about a stray cat came and chose you as his owner at the right moment. One day, a stray kitten just simply showed up at a door and meowed loudly until someone let him in. It is like destiny!

“From skinny street kitten to attractive guy, Binx showed up just when I needed him!” Reddit user hrtofdixie notes.

“The very moment Binx entered my life!”

“I put out a little wet food and when he had his back turned I reached out the screen door and scooped him up. He was flea-ridden and skinny so he got a flea bath immediately, some food, and a warm place to sleep. I wasn’t planning on retaining him, but we all know how that goes.”

What a brave boy!

He named Binx. Binx received a clean bill of health after visiting the vet.

He’s really a super curious little guy!

“Binx took to Nickel (the gray tabby) right away and after a few days…

Nickel was 16 years old and about a month after Binx showed up, Nickel suddenly passed away. I don’t think it was a coincidence and I like to believe Nickel told Binx all his secrets before he left.”

“He’s such a sweetheart and he soothed my heart after losing Nickel. He has gotten fluffy and healthy over these last 6 months. I can’t wait to see how he’ll look when he’s grown!”

“It’s sometimes amusing how life works. I’d say I’d won the cat lottery”

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