Hilarious Moments Pets Can’t Part With Their Favorite Toys And Guard Them While Fixing

How many times have you witnessed your pets gripping, tugging, and playing with their favorite toys? The toys might be getting dirtier, older, and have been torn by your pet’s love. But if you throw them away, you would probably receive a cold glance from a cat or the tears will well up in your dog’s eyes.

That’s why you gotta get those nasty toys fixed and washed from time to time. Your pet will be watching his beloved toys like The Queen’s Guard.

Below here are hilarious moments when your pets are guarding for their fixing toys!

I can’t live a minute without their beloved toys

Be careful, granma!

It’s so long to dry…

Hurry up, mommy!!! I need it right now

Are you done?

Is it OK, dad?

Give it back to me!

That is my beloved toy

Patiently waiting

Ah! I found you…

Don’t break it, hooman!


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