Girl Sleeps Together With Her Little Kitty From The First Day They Met

Having a little furry ball growing up with you is the best bond ever. You not only play with them but also have a lot of life lessons to learn from them: how to have a close-knit friendship in life. There was a man who documented the inseparable duo kiddos taking naps together on Reddit and wrote:

“This girl LOVES cats and they love her. She is one of those special people that make creatures comfortable no matter the situation.”

From teeny tiny babies to the not fully grown-ups but still, this adorable series will absolutely warm your heart.

From the first meet, the two have been inseparable…

They have been sleeping side by side since this girl was just a baby

Her parents started capturing the adorable duo taking naps together…

Play together…

Both the girl and her kitty have grown – and so did their bond

The parents will continue capturing this friendship for years to come


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