Cat Looks After Young Lynx Rejected By It’s Mom As Her Own

It’s practically an awful thing when a baby animal to survive without its mother. When a baby animal is born, milk and love are two vital important things they need for developing their body and mind. But at Novosibirsk Zoo in Novosibirsk, Russia, there was a poor baby lynx named Nika who lacked both of them.

Nika was surviving by herself without her biological mother. A zookeeper knows she was in need of affection, brought a female cat into Nika’s cage, hoping something miraculous would happen. And it did.

One of zoo worker decided to bring her cat to act as a surrogate mom, since her cat had given birth to kittens not too long ago.

Soon after they met, the domesticated cat’s mom instinct kicked in and she began cuddling and grooming Nika as her kittens.

Nika is now getting stronger, eating better and growing fast.

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