Before & After Kittens Who Grow Up and Become Beautiful Cats (20 Photos)

It seems that felines go from kittens to full-blown kings and queens of cattos in a glimpse of the eye. These before and after pictures of cats growing up remind us that, no matter for how long you live with your furry friend, they’re parts of our families that grow and age with us.

Luckily, there are photographs that prove it’s the same four-legged companion. Scroll down to have sweet moments with this heartwarming list!

Still be best friends

Such an unusual and handsome cat!

Now she is a supermodel


This is strong of love!

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Remember when…

Time flies…

We grow up together…

3 months and 3 years

2 years later

Then and now…

His cute face isn’t changed

I want a bigger chair, mommy!

Twins have hearts on their fur

From small loaf to big loaf

Sweet smile

Those eyes are stunning!

6 years and nothing’s changed

My cat and his favorite spot…

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