Angry-Looking Cat Goes Viral When He Supervises Watermelons In Thailand

The grumpier the cat, the funnier it is. It’s the feline law of nature. Even though there have been several famous grumpy-looking cats like the original one or the new grumpy face Kitzia, the internet never seems to get enough of these adorable creatures. This time, let’s meet Pearl. Pearl an experienced supurrvisor from Thailand who has been guarding a watermelon farm for almost 6 years. Pearl has a stare that would send chills down your spines immediately.

It’s no secret that the internet is crazy about grumpy cats. Their mesmerizing and chilling stares have proven to be both irresistible and hysterically funny.

Making sure that the scales show the right numbers is also part of Pearl’s assignment.

Hand-check the quality of every single watermelon. What a busy kitty!

This cuddly boy is taking some well-earned time for himself.

More interesting photos of this grumpy-looking cat below…

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