A Man Photoshops Giant Cats And Creates Some Incredible Cat-zilla Photos

Photoshop is a marvelous thing. The ability to edit any photos to satisfy our every whim is super cool and one of the best aspects of technology. Artist Fransdita Muafidin had a genius idea: increasing the size of cats and put them in famous landmarks.

Cats are always the best material for creative ideas. Have you ever seen a picture of a famous street with a giant cat acting like Godzilla?

Scroll down to check out these amazing photos!

He looks so chilled!


What are these tiny things?

Super Cat!

Excuse me! Has anyone seen my mama?

The little leaf!

What are you looking at?


What? I’m busy!

Here is the best place to sleep!

Higher! A little bit…

Pew pew pew!



I’m so full!

Stop here guys!

What is that?

You think I can’t swim?

So that’s how that happened!

Come on, human!

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