20 Photos Of Hilarious Cat Moments From “What’s Wrong With My Cat?” Online Group

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to say that one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in this crazy world is cat logic.

There are volumes upon volumes of books and articles from feline behavior specialists created to help us navigate through the weird and oddly wonderful world of cats, but they seem are not enough.

Thanks to the subreddit “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” all catto owners have a place to talk about hard things in a bid to get this question answered one day. The weird cat behavior is the laughing that combines ensued hilarity, surprise, and unpredictable furry balls.

Yeah? What?

Pet me, please!

Got the lockdown Covid crazies…

Cat is liquid!

What a terrible moment to come in!

Let go out, mommy!

Mistakes were made…

What are you doing inside, hooman?

Why are you in there, mom?

Just watching TV!

So dramatic!


How did you even get there?

Is this normal sitting position?

I want to help you!

She yells until I let her join me in the bathtub

That tail…LOL!

I like this more!

Thanksgiving Turkey

“Oh my…. What have I gotten myself into now?”

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