17 Bonds Between Pets And Owners That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

According to statistics, 67% of households in the US have a pet. They become a family member. And the bonds people develop while living with their fluffies can impress you. In this post, you’ll find everything from the love between pets and their owners to the hugs they give one other.

We collected 19 photos that show genuine love and friendship between humans and their pets.

After being lost for 5 hours

When I say goodbye…

We can share everything…

Best friend!

We’re so sad!

Let me help you, dad!

What’s up, man?


Sweet nap!

When the cat is on your lap, you can’t move…

I’m holding it for you…

Aww… That look!

I left for deployment a week ago, and that is my pillow…

Special bond

Look his happy face

Copy cat

When my husband watches TV…

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