15+ Photos That Prove Cats Just Being Cats

What do you expect more about cats who are adorable and devilish at the same time? Sometimes cats are real jerks and we wish we could forget them for a minute. Anyway, on the other hand, one headbutting can brighten up your day, and every flaw of them is forgotten.

Scroll down and enjoy with us some of the funniest cat photos and tell us what you think!

A thief!

He raises his arms for no reason

He is trying to help me work

Always watching!

Extremely round…

Existing cat is impressed with new kitty…

Say HI!

Holding this chip for like 10 min…

Being angle and devil…

He broke all the laws of physics

Just chill…

Cat logic

Right moment

What are you doing there?

“Why are you here, mama?”

“Mom, HELP!!!”

We never understand cat…

Hanging cat

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