Palm-sized Kitten Found Outdoors With Strong Will Is Thrilled To Be Off The Street

A tiny tabby was found outside as an orphan with one sibling who sadly didn’t make it. The kitten was in need of rescue without mother around.

She was brought into the Humane Society of Otter Tail County, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, when she was a few days old. “It’s unknown what happened to her momma, or any other littermates,” Jenny, a foster volunteer of the shelter.

Jenny named her Fergie after the place she was found. The kitten weighed in at six ounces, had a good appetite and showed a strong will to live.

Despite having some stomach issues, Fergie continued to eat to her heart’s content and took her meds like a champ.

“Her weight gain started to slow down and I was monitoring her daily for signs of dehydration. But Fergie is a strong kitten and with the help of antibiotics, she worked through it.”

In just a few weeks, Fergie has good progress and is getting more active and curious. Jenny continues to provide top-notched care to ensure the kitten reaches the 8-week milestone with good status.

“I never stop worrying until my foster kittens reach about eight weeks old. But all signs are pointing to Fergie growing up to be a healthy and happy kitten,” Jenny said.

“After she takes her bottle, she loves to be held to your chest while you gently pat her like a baby,” Jenny shared.

“My cats are starting to show interest in her and make friends. Gray (the cat) likes to play ‘find the kitty’ and bop her when she’s snuggled under a blankie.”

At five weeks old, Fergie is still very small but has a mighty personality. “She’s just a tiny nugget that fits easily in my hands. She hasn’t wanted to crack the one pound mark yet, but we’re working on it. She is a gem of a kitten and I feel so lucky to have the chance to foster her, and love her until she’s ready for adoption,” Jenny happily said.

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