Hilarious Moment Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Pet In Their Lives

There are a whole bunch of jokes surfing around the internet about just how much dads adore their new pets and how easily they forget that “never ever” that they swore, like, a day ago.

And here it is, a list of evidence, exposing dads with the sturdiest statements that they wouldn’t accept any pets, but now are obsessed with their little furballs more than they are with their kids.

Scroll down to check the most heart-warming pics of dads and their “unwanted pets”!

“We can’t keep it” – My dad 10 months ago

My Dad never let me have a pet when I was younger. And now, he is dragging my cat in a box while making train noises, and laughing like a child

”I never want a dog…”

My dad 1 month ago “you’re taking him with you when you leave”

Now: “Are you really gonna take him with you?”

“I don’t want a dog!”…

“No animal allowed in this house”…

“That brown dog” became “brown dog” became “Mr. brown” became “Doc brown”. This is their first reunion after about 6 months

“We are not keeping the cat”

“I don’t want a dog”… Now he made a bed and night table for his son

“No animal in my house”. And now he is holding up the cat so she can look out the window…

Pet can change anything!

“I hate cat!”

My dad didn’t want a dog

My Dad complains that Remus lays in his lap anytime he sits down…

My Dad who didn’t want pets comforting a scared pup on his first vet trip

My husband refused to let me get a kitty for a long time…

“I don’t like dog. I’m a cat person”

My Dad always talks smack about my cat

“Keep that damn cat off the bed”

“No! We’re not getting another dog…”

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